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Name: Chris
Date added: 2012-06-20 16:10:38
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Description: By this time there was a Drag n Drop feature requested by the project.
The development of Drag n Drop was made as part of the Software Engineering project,although it's not included in the "official".
The class added for the job is the DnDHandler.java.

This is its analysis which was practically a reverse engineering process from the code since it was already developed.
The reverse engineering process and diagram generation were made using a visual paradigm free evaluation copy.

There are included:
*A Use Case Diagram of the "Drag N Drop" motion for opening a file.
*A communication diagram of the actual java method which does the job.
*A sequence diagram.
*The whole project's class diagram and a sub-class diagram of the packages/classes that are assosiated with the DnDHandler class.
*Also the DnDHandler.java file.
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