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MyPasswords v2.8

Name: Konstantinos Mampentzidis
Date added: 2012-06-08 17:16:05
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Link to internship report if online:
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Description: Object Oriented analysis and feature implementation for MyPasswords project.

Steps taken to complete this project successfully:

Step 1: I started thinking of new features for the application.
Step 2: I suggested 3 features to the developer. He was satisfied with all three of them and told me to start working on the real time password validator.
Step 3:
A. Created the use case diagram
B. Created the domain model
C. Created the class diagram.
D. Created the collaboration diagram
E. Created the sequence diagram.
F. Implemented the feature.
G. Fixed the diagrams(sequence, collaboration) after having implemented the feature.
Step 4: sent the updated version of MyPasswords to the developer. The developer accepted my work and was satisfied with it.
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