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OpenShot Video Editor 1.4 testing

Name: Giorgos Pilikidis
Date added: 2012-02-14 22:45:09
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Description: Step 1(25/11/11): Searching project to find the one which agree my requirements about number of developers envolved, quick answers, having bug tracker etc

Step 2(1/12/11): Submit Openshot Video Editor testing project in opense

Step 3(20/12/11): using and trying the program

Step 4(4/1/12): Submit a bug in launchpad about a problem in GUI

Step 5(13/1/12): Submit a bug about crashing in trying opening a file

Step 6(14/1/12): Answer by Andy Finch. The bug is a part of another project(GTK) which affects current project the bug moved to "Won't fix" Category

Step 7(7/2/12): Answer by Cenwen. Asks me if the second bug is also creating in the newer version and what shows by running the program in terminal

Step 8(8/2/12): I answer that there isn't a problem when opening by the terminal and in the new edition there is no problem-Bug->invalid

Step 9(14/2/12): A newer edition is in programming phase so i send a request to be a tester in the newer version

Step 10(15/2/12): Present my work
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