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Name: alkisti
Date added: 2012-02-14 16:35:05
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Community Spacehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/imgdissolver/
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Description: STEP 1 (28/10/2011): Find a Project
After trying many(10 or more) projects at sourceforge and reading other people reports in OpenSE,I found IMGDissolver. I found IMGDissolver from one colleague's(Efi Kolokytha)report. IMGDissolver is a simple to use, cross platform slideshow/divx/dvd maker for photos and videos and is an alpha stage project.

STEP 2 (17/11/2011): Found first bug.
1)problem with fonts and modify button - ID: 3439398

STEP 3 (12/12/2011): Found 2nd &3rd bugs.
2)Windows exit button - ID: 3458321
3)open .idf file from windows - ID: 3458333

STEP 4 (18/12/2011): Developer informed me that all bugs I found will be fixed in next version and that he will mension me on the contributors list.

STEP 5 (28/1/2012):Found one more problem.
4)wrong message for wrong transition duration input - ID: 3480928
(31/1/12)Developper informed me that the new version 0.3.0 was available and last bug was fixed.

STEP 6 (7/2/2012): Found bugs 5 and 6.
5)up limit for transition&visualization timeout - ID: 3485484
6)program not responding when exit from ImgDissolverSlideshow-ID: 3485491

STEP 7 (14/2/2012):Another last bug occured when checking if previous bugs were fixed in the new version
7)Can not open .idf with version 0.3.0 from Windows - ID: 3487528

STEP 8(14/2/2012):Check if bugs are fixed.
3)I cannot check if it is fixed due to bug 7. Developer said that it is fixed.
5,6,7)Waiting for respond from the developer.

This is a summary of my report.The report is in greek.
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