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Keolah's Random RPG

Name: giannis
Date added: 2011-11-30 18:17:48
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Description: Step 1(30/11/11):Find a project
after trying more than 15 projects (eg opensubtitles search[crashes after start], Date Difference Calculator English[too simple programm full of bugs], yutelsat[crashes after installation] ), I found the project Keolah's Random RPG to test.
Step 2(30/11/11): [BUG] I discovered a serious bug where the game crashes after entering every "market place" and selecting "buy".
Step 3(17/03/12): [BUG] The game crashes and needs to be reinstalled if you change the color depth to 18-bit color.
Step 4(09/04/12): [BUG] The game crashes whenever I try to access the inventory.
Step 5(29/04/12): [BUG] Skills and items are not usable in battle.
Step 6(14/05/12): [BUG] The game crashes when a character accumulates enough exp to level up.
Step 7(04/07/12): [BUG] Uploaded the power point presentation
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