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Simple NFO

Name: chrisafis
Date added: 2011-11-29 18:13:21
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STEP 1. (29/11/2011) – Find a project After trying 4(between them i downloaded "X Alpha Pro" which contains a malware) projects, i found the project "Simple NFO" to test.
STEP 2. (30/11/2011) - Find the first bug I write something on "Simple NFO" editor and when i try to save it the program crashes. My OS is Windows 7 64bit. After that i add this bug at Bug Tracking System (BTS).
STEP 3. (30/11/2011) Send an email to the developer asking about testing their project, no answer back.
STEP 4. (27-06-2012) Start searching for other bugs.
STEP 5. (30-06-2012) Report all bugs i found on BTS. (Character Map some symbols do nothing, Associate Extension With NFO Editor! button error, View Help File button do nothing)
STEP 6. (03/07/2012) Upload my report.
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