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Name: iakovosk
Date added: 2011-01-21 19:16:09
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Description: Canure Web Browser Version 2.2 for Windows Vista & 7

Presentation Link: http://www.opense.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=273&Itemid=227

Bug Tracker URL: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=390877&atid=1623192
(2011-01-06) I found my first bug. A layout configuration option isn't saved and returns to the default value when the program is restarted.

(2011-01-06) I reported another bug. A gui option wasn't working at all.

(2011-01-06) Noticed a bug which caused a useless submenu to open

(2011-01-07) Reported an issue concerning the ability of the browser to handle downloads. It turned out that the downloads where actually starting, but the download interface was not implemented and the content was saved in a default subfolder in program files, whithout any information given from the browser.

(2011-01-07) I experienced a cpu leak as an option of the program caused very high cpu usage.

(2011-01-07) I reported a bug concerning the built-in bug reporting system of the browser.

(2011-01-07) A sequence of actions leads to the browser's interface becoming useless. It is irreversible unless the program is restarted.

(2011-01-07) A feature of the program, the sStealth Mode, misbehaves.

All in all, i found this task quite pleasant, the progress was not thery demanding and stressing, but on the other hand i had to report the bugs fast in order to prevent them being reported by others. The developer was not thery active, neither was the community much present since the great amount of projects sourceforge gets everyday doesn't allow for most of the minor ones to become popular.
I found the whole process intresting as testing programmes is something i do really often while using the computer. What i would like to be different is the opense site as its complexity was demanding a lot of time in order to go around with the work that had to be done here.
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