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ubuntu bug#575333

Name: Thanasis
Date added: 2011-01-04 17:49:39
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Description: On boot keeps trying to mount "UDEVD-WORK..../dev/null" which fails because it does not exist.

30/10/2010 I've installed ubuntu 10.10 on my system
The bug occurred at the first boot...
Since then I was searching for a solution!

11/11/2010 I've registered the bug#575333 on launchpad.net
The bug was already registered since 4/5/2010 but there was no solution!

25/11/2010 I've noticed that the same bug occurred mostly to those who try to set a raid system

26/11/2010 I found a possible solution and post it to the community.

29/11/2010 The submitter of the bug "technomage" respond to my post asking me details.

30/11/2010 First good news!!!! Solution works to someone....

1/12/2010 First bad news!!!
"boatjones" posts that firstly the solution works for him but after an update the bug returns.

Since then we are try to find a solution or to find why my solution works at first...

After many user's posts I figure out that problem solved to those who use ubuntu 10.10 and came back to those who use ubunut 10.04!!

Since the bug was registered for ubuntu 10.04 it can't be set as "solved"...

22/12/2010 "tecknomage"-submitter of bug-posts: "Ever since I use "sudo mdadm --manage /dev/null" back in 11/2010, I've had the boot problem only ONCE.

So that seemed to fix MY problem."
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