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Aria Maestosa SRS document

Name: Panagiotis Spiridakos
Date added: 2012-02-18 04:53:38
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Community Spacehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/ariamaestosa/
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Description: 25/11/2012-->Aria Maestosa v1.2.4.1 was chosen for the project.
25/11/2012-15/12/2012(and sporadically till today)-->Software testing and usage to fully comprehend its functions.
29/11/2012-->Contact was made with Marianne Gagnon, distributor of the program. Acceptance to work on the project.
17/12/2012 - 11/02/2012-->Several e-mails were sent to solve some queries I had as far as the program's functions were concerned. The document was edited.
Document is mainly about how the programm works, what its main requirements are, who can use it and what they can use it for.
Spyridakos Panagiotis
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