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Description: step 1(4/11/2011): Start looking for project in sourceforge, codeplex, freecode. Sent many mails to many developers.

step 2(6/11/2011): After 2 days somebody from sourceforge gave me the permission to create the requirement sheets for his project peg-solitaire.

step 3(7/11/2011): Start playing peg-solitaire in order to create the requirement specification for that game.

step 4: I didn't have any problems during the creation of the sheets cause the game was familiar to me. The developer asked me several times by himself if i was needed any help.He was helpful quit enough.

step 5(20/1/2012): Finished the documentation.

step 6(20/1/2012): Sent it to developer to have a look in case he had some objections or some notices to provide.

step 7(26/1/2012):Sent the final version of the documentation to the developer in case he need it in the future.
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