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Name: Tasos Ouzounis
Date added: 2011-02-17 11:33:48
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Description: Off-road is a simulator of off-road vehicles. It uses the Open Dymaics Engine for physics and Irrlicht for graphics. Off-road will continue to grow in features and hopefully realism.
The final requirements document went through the following steps, in the process of writing:
a) Planning. A short text file listing the contents and a summary of what would be described in each one was created to help as a guide.
b) Collecting information. Searching through several sources for information that was worth mentioning and writing in the final paper was necessary at this
stage. This information includes any necessary testing made to the application to help writing the functional requirements.
c) Writing the final paper. All the useful information collected started to take its place in the final document having as a reference the guide described in a).
d) The document is sent to the project manager. His suggestions and corrections were adjusted to the document.
e) Final changes. A final thorough reading and correction of any mistakes left led to the completion of the document

The problem i faced was that it was a very simple project and i had some difficulties writting the requirments paper.
I tried to solve it by looking for some other similar projects.
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