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WordTrain v9.0.1

Name: An Kou
Date added: 2011-02-14 16:31:47
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Community Spacehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/wordtrain/support
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WordTrain is a simple program whose purpose is to provide help to learners of foreign languages with regard to the vocabulary. Words, their translations, their grammatical category, examples of use, as well as their transcriptions can be stored in sets and retrieved in sets for revision. The program provides also the functionality of tests that check the user's knowledge of the words, assess it and evaluate the progress achieved.
This SRS document refers to 9.0.1 beta version of the product, while 9.0.2 is already available.

WordTrain is a simple application for learning foreign words.

1. I spent quite a few time, and downloaded and installed several projects before actually finding a suitable one.

2. I made a post at the project's forum on sourceforge, annoucing my intention to write an SRS document for the project, yet nobody responded.

3. After about a week I sent a personal e-mail to the developer, he responded the day after, telling me not to hesitate to ask for help if needed.

4. I began writing the SRS document, I contacted the developer a couple of times to ask for clarifications regarding the application.

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