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SRS for CamStudio Screen Recorder version 2.0

Name: Antonis
Date added: 2011-02-12 19:46:53
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Link to internship report if online:http://www.opense.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=277&Itemid=227
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My task was to write a Software Requirements Specification document for an Open Source project. After browsing through various projects in SourceForge.net website, I chose CamStudio Screen Recorder version 2.0, a program used to record screen activity into standard AVI and SWF video files. The program is capable of recording anything that can be visible on user’s screen and save it as a video file. Its development status: Production/Stable. Its stable 2.0 version has almost 1000 downloads/day and its beta version 2.6 has 2500-3000 downloads/day. Since there was not any official documentation about the project, I thought that doing an SRS document for the project would be appreciated. After having written the document, I communicated with the developers, and they told me their comments and recommended edits on the document. I sent them again my updated document with the corrections they specified and they uploaded the SRS document in SourceForge.net project’s website.

In order to achieve the main goal, the steps below had to be achieved. These steps were part of my project work:
• Search for a project to work on: browse through websites offering Open Source projects, and select a project that would be compatible with the operating system I use (Windows Vista). The project shouldn’t have an SRS document in its official documentation.
• Get familiar with OpenSe.net webpage, so that tasks like confirmation of the project and creating a learning project to submit would be possible.
• After having selected a project and the approval, communicate with the developers of the project; inform them for the intention on writing an SRS document, so that I would get help on writing the SRS, comments and additions that should be made on a primary copy of the document. Communication with the developers through the whole process is very helpful and recommended.
• Run the program I selected and try to fully understand its functionalities. Reading through other documentation, or browsing through forums and F.A.Q. pages or the main website of the project, so that the knowledge on the program would be as integrated as possible.
• Having all the help I could use, write the SRS document and interact with the developers so that the document would reach their standards
• Create a presentation for the work, in which there will be included a review of the sections on the SRS document, along with the communication with the project’s community, general ideas about the project, comments and difficulties I faced.

The main objective of the learning project was writing the SRS document, a document so complete and correct that would be appropriate to represent the project and be uploaded in the project’s web space.


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