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Programmer's Notepad SRS 1450

Name: Dimitris
Date added: 2011-01-10 11:52:02
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Description: Programmer's Notepad is a powerful text editor featuring syntax highlighting, project management, a great user interface and much more.


Firstly, I searched for projects at SourceForge and GoogleCode and found Programmer's Notepad which I had been already using in order to programm my microcontroller.

I worked at this project for both courses of Software Engineering and Object Oriented Analysis.

The most difficult part of these projects was to find the right project and then to choose between coding / testing / requirements.

Finally, the communication with the members of the community was not simple, as I could not find any mails and forums for the project. In the end I found the mail of the team header and told him that I wanted to write the requirements for the project and to make object oriented analysis, too. He found my idea interesting and told me I should go on.
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