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Name: Paris Mavromoustakos
Date added: 2010-11-30 17:10:13
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Link to internship report if online:http://www.opense.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=224&Itemid=227
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Description: Link to The SRS Document: (mediafire)

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I have composed an SRS document for the project MacBuntu. It was fairly easy finding a project, as i had been contacting the project's administrators (Jan Komadowski and Freddy Vega), submitted my developing request, and been accepted from their small community. Not so small, while MacBuntu has over 15000 weekly downloads!!
Poining out the main features of the program was pretty tough, because i had to choose between a variety of features, some of which were totally useless in an SRS document.
For that, i asked the Developers for help, but mostly i tried to find out myself by using the software and seeing for myself.
Composing the document was easier than i thought, i guess that the average CSD student with decent English language knowledge can achieve it. It's harder to clear out WHAT you are going to write about and not HOW you are going to do it :)
It was great working in cooperation with the Developers and the Sf community, and i've gained a position in the Developer's list. That means that, on another project in the future, they may ask me for any help they need. I believe that this kind of public relationships is the first step to a successful career.
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