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Name: Maria K
Date added: 2012-07-04 16:26:09
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Description: SteganoImage is an application that encrypts and decrypts data to a png image. The user can give a key that will be used for encryption but he can also choose not to give one and just embed the data to the image. The user can also choose to embed the context of a file(or of many files).

The project is developed with Qt framework.I did a console version of the application in order to use it in the future for an on-line service. Throughout the project I communicated with the administrator who was very eager to help and provide information.

I used the already existing functions for encryption and decryption and the QRegExp library to parse the arguments. The console version offers all the available options that exist in the GUI application. This options are available in the help menu

Overall ot was a great experience and I will continue to work on this project. The plan for the future is to make this app available for android phones and solve some problems with the emcryption.
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