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At the Learning / Internship Project Reports Directory you can find works from other students showing what they have learned and how.

You can also submit your own Learning / Internship Project Reports to get an openSE BADGE for your learning achievements!!! Just submit a report on your learning experience and explain to other what you have achieved within your Open Source internship!

Requirements Analysis of F/OSS projects (219/- )

This category features learning projects related to ‘Requirements Analysis of F/OSS projects'

Extending F/OSS projects (43/- )

This category features learning projects related to ‘Developing and Extending F/OSS projects'

Testing of F/OSS projects (153/- )

This category features learning projects related to ‘Testing of F/OSS projects'

Object Oriented Analysis (109/- )

This category features learning projects related to ‘Object Oriented Analysis'

Introduction to Free, Libre and Open Source software (1/- )

About fundamentals and introductory aspects of Free Software & Open Standards

Implementation of Free Software - Case Studies (-/- )

Real cases, plans, analysis of implantation of Free Software systems

Software development (18/- )

Design & develop applications with Free Software tools and resources

The GNU/Linux Operating System (1/- )

Use the GNU/Linux operating system at user level & manage it

Network Technologies (1/- )

Configure and manage networking services in Free Software environments

Web applications development (1/- )

Design and implement web applications

Economic aspects of Free Software (-/- )

Business models & associated economic aspects

Legal aspects of the Information Society (-/- )

Legal and exploitation aspects related to the use of Free Software

Open Standards (1/- )

The concepts of Open Standards and specific open standard formats and protocols are the topics of th

Other (8/- )


Open Source Community Game (4/- )

Open Source Community Game

SEFM 2012 (-/- )


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