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Project at a glance

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Project at a glance

openSE is a virtual environment that allows continuous provision of up-to-date and relevant learning materials and opportunities that match learners' interests and employers' demand. Next Figure represents the openSE model which is the base of this virtual environment.


openSE model

  • The openSE model is supported in three main axis (Courses; Simulation Environment; and Real Environment) that converge into the Learning Projects component. The Learning Projects will allow achieving Recognition about the learning path that learners have made. Here you can find a brief description of each component:

- Courses / Guides / Tutorials – Integrates all the materials necessary to a learner to study, practice or play (Go there; See example);

- Educational / Community Game (Simulation environment) – Gives learners the chance to first practice what they have learnt in a controlled and fictitious environment before entering into “Real Environment” (Go there; See example);

- Internships / ASF Mentoring Programme (Real environment) – Provides real practical experiences to the learners learning track (Go there; See example);

- Learning Projects – Documents the learning path and achievements of learners in their Courses and their participation in the Simulation and Real environments (Go there; See example);

- openSE Badge (Recognition) – Generates a self-print certificate (based on the Learning Projects submitted) that provides information on what learners have produced and delivered at openSE (Go there; See example).

To refer that in this virtual environment there are links with no content behind as openSE will never be a finished website but it evolve over the time with peoples contribution (e.g. project/course/tutorial/guide addition in a specific thematic).

The openSE has been demonstrated to have great acceptance and we are now aiming to make it even bigger. As such, we invite you to visit and participate in this innovative project where you can see for yourself what has been going on.

Further information: read openSE Background or contact one of the project partners.