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Project at a glance

Target Groups



Why openSE?


Project aims

Partner organizations

Strategic objectives

openSE Development Area

Project outcomes/ Downloads


Several activities have been planned to take place during the Project. The main ones are as follows:

  • - Pilot Courses

The openSE Project is based on a continuous improvement philosophy, involving tests made during the project pilots. There will be three consecutive pilots within the openSE environment, implementing and testing a hybrid approach to SE. The expected dates for the Pilot Courses are as follows:

  1. First Pilot (from 03/2010 to 06/2010)

  2. Second Pilot (from 09/2010 to 12/2010)

  3. Third Pilot (from 02/2011 to 05/2011)
  • However, as it was recognized potential to the virtual environment conceived, the project consortium is glad to announce that some partners, especially Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will assure the continuation of the platform availability, maintenance and update. Other partners (including new ones wishing to join) will continue to add, update and support new Contents and Opportunities in this environment.

  • - Meetings

During the project lifetime, there will be several meetings of the project partnership in order to coordinate partners’ efforts in project implementation, as well as assuring proper cooperation within the team. These are the expected dates:

  1. Kick off meeting (11/2009)

  2. Second meeting (02/2010)

  3. Third meeting (07/2010)

  4. Forth meeting (01/2011)

  5. Fifth meeting (06/2011)

  • - Conferences

Whenever possible, the partnership will try to attend to conferences related to the openSE Project thematic to present the project and the achievements reached up to that stage.