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Strategic objectives

    The openSE Project is designed to try to address some of the Objectives and Priorities of the Lifelong Learning Programme, namely:

  • - To contribute to the development of quality lifelong learning and to promote high performance, innovation and a European dimension in systems and practices in the field.

      • The openSE Project will establish an open educational infrastructure bringing together education and business to increase the speed at which innovation takes place. By ensuring the continuous provision of up-to-date and relevant learning materials and opportunities that match students' interests and employers' demand, learners' life and employment opportunities are enhanced regardless of age, gender, etc. or formal educational degrees as well as providing firms with better educated employees.

  • - To support the realisation of a European area for lifelong learning

The openSE Project establishes a cost-efficient, geographically unlimited, free and open educational framework, providing individuals outside formal education with an efficient and sustainable lifelong learning infrastructure within computer science. As the outcomes and results of openSE will potentially be transferable to other subject fields, creating long-term spill-over effects. Europe can become the pioneer of open educational frameworks that spans across many countries and disciplines.

  • - To help improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for lifelong learning available within member states

openSE creates new, truly inclusive ways of lifelong learning and opportunities to develop professional skills, based on direct collaboration with experts outside educational institutions and firms. It imparts subject matter skills as well as key and soft skills, such as ICT literacy, critical and analytical thinking, management and communication skills. Access to openSE is generally granted to everyone, regardless of personal attributes, location, or educational degree.

  • - To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning

The openSE approach uses technology for its usefulness, like in open source communities. It links learning resources with learning processes (and related discourse) and forces content to be dynamic. It also provides community based peer support, correction, development and assessment mechanisms.  The involvement of renowned pedagogical and computer science institutions ensures compliance with overall pedagogical requirements; the involvement of firms ensures a strong practical focus.