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Project at a glance

Target Groups



Why openSE?


Project aims

Partner organizations

Strategic objectives

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Project aims

The openSE project aims to deliver an open approach to computer science Software Engineering as well as the continuous provision of up-to-date and relevant learning materials and opportunities that match students' interests and employers' demand; providing firms with better educated employees and allow learners to acquire an enhanced set of skills in comparison to traditional education.

The project has the following key objectives:

  • - To set up an Open Educational Framework for Software Engineering bringing together academia, formally enrolled students, fellow students, free learners outside of formal education and open source practitioners and enterprises;
  • - To systematically combine formal and informal learning within an informal learning environment;
  • - To stimulate participatory learning experiences and foster practical ‘hands-on’ sessions where learning activities and outputs become learning resources themselves;
  • - To enable current and future learners to benefit fully and continuously from others' achievements, regardless of where these achievements have been made.