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Why openSE?

The Open Source model, like much of web 2.0, demonstrates how users can become creators of active resources, as well as how those resources can be re-used and freely maintained by developing and implementing respective frameworks and revenue models. This project draws on the lessons learnt from Open Source communities, as an open participatory learning ecosystem, initial experiments on small scale pilots or similar initiatives in formal education, leveraging them into the openSE hybrid framework.

The openSE framework will also remove two characteristic that are both predominant and in some ways preventing formal education to take full advantage of the opportunities the internet provides - ‘closeness' and ‘semester based structures'. Closeness prevents learning resources of one institution from being improved by others outside the institution or enhanced through external sources brought in by individuals or technology. Semester based structures on the other hand provide a challenge to establishing a learning ecosystem that allows for continuous and evolutionary growth on a community level, helping the all of those taking part, ranging from newbies over advanced learners to old foxes, on a learning resource level. If created, such a learning ecosystem would be ideal to connect learning resources to learning processes (and related discourse) or provides the possibility to establish peer support, correction, development or even assessment systems.

The openSE framework proposes to apply the principles of Open Source communities in an Open Educational Framework within the subject area of computer science education. This will be open to current and former students, as well as students from other institutions, free learners outside formal education, open source practitioners and enterprises. The openSE space will foster a participatory learning experience involving practical ‘hands-on' sessions where participants' learning activities and the things they develop will become learning resources themselves. Future learners would be able to benefit from earlier achievements and build upon them, instead of starting from scratch.