Learning Assistants’ Space @ openSE PDF Print E-mail
This is the space for Learning Assistants, be it learners, teachers or mentors, we invite you to volunteer and become a Learning Assistant @ openSE! As a learner, teacher or mentor openSE has something to offer to you, thus why not giving back to openSE?

Provide Learner support @ openSE

Volunteer and provide support through the openSE forums. Answer learner requests and help to shape the forum further.

Become a mediator between
Mentored Internships Programmes and
Learners that do an Internship

Volunteer and provide support and help learners to find internships, mentors to find interns, or to provide the respective tutorials, guides or information.

Become a mediator between Courses offered through openSE and Learners that study those Courses
Volunteer and provide support and help learners to find learning resources and educational provider to provide relevant offers to learners.

Help to develop openSE further

openSE is a community project and we invite you to join us to develop openSE further.