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This is the space for practitioners from the Open Source field that are looking for learners to do a internship and offer to them some mentoring in exchange!

Benefit from the resources available @ openSE
openSE offers a number of resources that are available for your community to learn from, such as:

Share & Exchange learning resources @ openSE

At openSE you can share and exchange learning materials with other educators and practitioners around the globe. Just register your course/learning materials at the openSE Course Directory or browse the directory to find alikes!

openSE provides you with a number of tutorials and guides on what learners should consider once taking a Mentored Internship.

- Make use of or submit own tutorials and guides to the Course Directory

Mentored Internships @ openSE
At openSE you can promote Mentored Internship opportunities to learners and advertise them. Provide Interns with information on how to apply for Mentored Internship opportunities.

Become a Learning Assistant @ openSE
Already heard the saying that the 'Whole Being Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts'? Exactly, it’s all about synergies! If learner, teacher and practitioner work together towards a common goal then many burdens can be shared – and this is why we like to invite you to volunteer and become a Learning Assistant at openSE.