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As a teacher openSE is the space for you to better support your students, to provide them with a large number of learning resources, to allow them to engage at real live projects and to practice their skills, or to connect to learners from around the globe.

Off course, you also can promote your own course at openSE and attract more students to take your course or to share and exchange course materials with other educators and practitioners.

Your students @ openSE
openSE offers your students a number of possibilities to engage and provides them with the following opportunities:

Share and Exchange learning resources @openSE

At openSE you can share and exchange course materials with other educators and practitioners around the globe. Just register your course at the openSE Course Directory or browse the directory to find alikes!

- Share and find materials at the Course Directory

Want to know how to prepare and apply for a mentored internship, then take a look at the Guides for learner

Get students @ openSE
Still looking for ways to attract more students that enrol at your course? Then be invited to promote your course and just register it at the openSE Course Directory!

All that we ask is that your course materials are freely available for others to browse! The real value of your course is in the guidance you provide to your students and the assessment they obtain from you, but your content is more valuable if shared openly – thus don’t be shy!

Become a Learning Assistant @ openSE
Already heard the saying that the 'Whole Being Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts'? Exactly, it’s all about synergies! If learner, teacher and practitioner work together towards a common goal then many burdens can be shared – and this is why we like to invite you to volunteer and become a Learning Assistant at openSE.