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As a learner openSE is the space for you to study, practice, play and to get recognition for your learning experiences

through the openSE community BADGE!

Study @ openSE
openSE offers access to a number of Software Engineering courses, as well as tutorials and guides. All of those learning materials are freely available to you! You can study @ openSE at your own pace, alone or together with other learners at openSE. Some of the courses further offer some for fee services, such as individual support, assessment or certification.

openSE further allows you to learn from what others have learned and see what they have experienced and achieved.

Practice @ openSE

Want to get some practical experiences on Software Engineering and to become a skilled expert through practice? openSE provides you with a number of opportunities to take a Mentored Internship within Open Source Software Projects. Just check out the currently available opportunities and submit your application. Each Open Source Software Project has different application modalities and requirements, just browse through the Mentoring Programme Directory and find the right Mentored Internship for you.

Play @ openSE
Still not that confident and prefer to gain some experiences through educational games? Then this is the right offer for you.

Within the Course Directory you can look for available educational games and engage at those together with other learners at openSE.

Get a BADGE @ openSE
So what now, you studied, practiced and played – but how do you proof to others that you have learnt something from it?

Get a BADGE for your learning achievements by submitting a report on your learning experience and explain to other what you have achieved! (don't forget to keep it updated...)

As a learner openSE has something to offer to you, thus why not giving back to openSE? This is why we like to invite you to volunteer and become a Learning Assistant at openSE.